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SMART model

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Entry price per shoptimizer €157
Monthly cost per device -
Annual cost per device €47
binding in months -
service email Yes
Regular evaluations/reports Yes

"SMART" model

The SMART model is the perfect solution for small businesses that want to generate large numbers of reviews easily and inexpensively. The service fee of only €47 per year not only covers the server costs, but also includes annual evaluations of the use of the shoptimizer. These can be used to improve company performance and identify strong months for future promotions.

  • Low cost
  • Annual evaluations for

For smaller businesses with only one location that have not previously advertised online, the SMART model is the perfect choice! Whether in a shop, in a restaurant or in a hotel, companies can use this model to generate many reviews in a simple and uncomplicated way. And best of all: the costs are manageable and only amount to a small service fee of €47 per year!

But what is included in this service fee? In addition to the server costs incurred, customers also enjoy annual evaluations of the use of their shoptimizer. These evaluations are extremely valuable and can help to continuously improve the performance of the company. By comparing the usage in the previous year, months with a large number of users can be identified, which can then be used specifically for promotions.

The SMART model is therefore ideal for entrepreneurs who want to achieve an effective result at low cost. Through the annual evaluations, companies always have an overview of how well their shoptimizer is being used and can take appropriate measures to further improve their performance. With the SMART model, companies can not only increase their ratings, but also their customer satisfaction and ultimately their sales!


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