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shoptimizer model business advertising marketing

This model is ideal for companies with many locations that want to get more ratings and followers, but also want to use a specific management tool that can be used to precisely analyze the activities in the individual branches with a small budget of €40 per device. With the business model, marketing managers, managing directors etc. always have an overview of what is happening outside in the shops.

The weekly evaluations of the use of the shoptimizer allow the latest movements in the individual branches to be analyzed at a glance. The comparisons can be made here to the previous week, but can also be switched to monthly or annual analyses. The exact data on the use of the shoptimizer can be used to identify the best employees and branches and to draw on suggestions for improvement for the less good locations. This model also includes a regular product exchange, where the device itself can be exchanged once a year. There is also the option of receiving anonymous demographic data from shoptimizer users. These can then be used for advertising purposes and offer the possibility of identifying the actually unknown visitors in the shop/restaurant etc. With the business model there are also other service advantages such as a separate service mail and several accounts with which the analysis app can be operated.

The business model is just right for medium-sized and larger companies that want a good overview of what is happening in their branches. Thanks to the detailed evaluations, measures for improvement can then be introduced very easily and the long-term success can be measured using the data. 

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