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Model Light

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Annual service fee of €37 excl. VAT.

shoptimizer model LIGHT Service flat rate with evaluations per year by e-mail

This model is perfect for smaller, single-site businesses. Whether in a shop, in a restaurant or in a hotel, many ratings can be generated simply and easily. This is done with manageable costs in the form of a small service fee of €37 per year. 

This service fee not only covers the server costs incurred, but customers also enjoy annual evaluations of the use of their shoptimizer. With the help of these important evaluations, a comparison can be made with the usage in the previous year. It also analyzes months with a large number of users and this data can be used for promotions etc. in the following year. 

The LIGHT model is ideal for entrepreneurs who want to achieve an effective result at low cost and constantly improve their performance through annual evaluations. 

SHOPTIMIZER one off € 157.00 net € 157.00 net € 157.00 net
Monthly charges €0.00 € 20.00 net € 40.00 net
annual costs € 37.00 net €0.00
Regular evaluations yearly monthly weekly
service email no no Yes
tracking of users
no no Yes
Annual product exchange no no Yes
Configure links for free no no Yes
Exclusive web & app access no no Yes