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shoptimizer® rate-me für mehr Bewertungen

The best way to get reviews, likes, etc...

Followers, likes, online shop sales - by placing the device clearly visible near the customer.


shoptimizer at satisfied customers


Interactions such as ratings, followers, etc.


more sales *

Three simple steps

Schritt 1 Benutzung shoptimizer

1. Take out your phone

Customer unlocks his NFC-enabled smartphone.

Schritt 2 Benutzung shoptimizer

2. Tap tool with phone

The customer touches the device (NFC) with their smartphone.

Schritt 3 Benutzung shoptimizer

3. Conduct interaction

The customer is directed to the corresponding promotion page.

In good company

Partners who trust shoptimizer with their customers...

shoptimizer Kundenrezension Meet2Eat Steakhouse Salzburg

Customer spotlight

About the company

Meet2Eat: first-class steakhouse in Salzburg

The shoptimizer effect

Due to the easy handling…

Bewertungen Meet2Eat in 1,5 Jahren
shoptimizer® Analysen & Auswertungen

Meaningful analyzes & insights

Customer satisfaction analysis

  • Real-time data & email reports
  • Need for action & suggestions for improvement

Management tool

  • Location comparison
  • Monitoring of branches

Our products

shoptimizer rate-me hell in Benutzung für mehr Bewertungen

Assessment tool

Marketing tool for stationary companies.

Get a better reputation through more Google reviews.

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MyGroove Individuallösungen shoptimizer

Individual solutions

  • Employer rating tool
  • App download & rating
  • Newsletter Sign up
  • Internal rating system with profit function
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Quiet Salesman - stiller Verkäufer für mehr Umsatz

Quiet Salesman

Sales tool for manufacturers & brands.

More sales & new online shop customers.

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More success stories

123 Gold Kundenrezension

11.5x our usual valuations

By using shoptimizer, 123 Gold sees an average increase in Google reviews of 11.5 per month in retail.

PurPur shoptimizer Kundenrezension

Rating average increased by 1 star

PurPur Store were able to
Increase rating average from 3.5 to 4.5 stars.

Damn Plastic Kundenrezension

450 reviews per year

Damn Plastic was able to achieve over 450 new positive reviews within a year and, from this, initiate improvement measures for each store in real time.

Get more reviews, likes and sales

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