What is shoptimizer?

Place shoptimizer, generate sales!

shoptimizer is an innovative product that connects the offline world with the online world through its NFC technology and a QR code. shoptimizer is used in stationary companies to bind and inspire customers digitally.

The smart & stylish solution offers a wide variety of ways of customer interaction.

Whether reviews, online shop purchases, social media or individual solutions. The shoptimizer gets customers to their destination quickly and easily, improving their digital presence and increasing sales.

Why shoptimizer?

If you don't keep up with the times, you have to keep up with the times.

Digitization is now shaping all of our everyday lives. It sets the pace and mode in which the modern market advances. In the competition with internet giants, digital markets and online services, many companies are struggling for their sales and even for their existence.

In order to remain marketable, you have to constantly develop yourself in this constantly changing arena - this poses great challenges for entrepreneurs and companies.

The shoptimizer concept aims to give stationary companies back the initiative under these competitive conditions. shoptimizer is the stepping stone for stepping into the digital world.

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How does it work?

Fast. uncomplicated. Effectively.

Fast: Customers are automatically forwarded to the desired website, online shop or social media channel by briefly touching their smartphone with the shoptimizer via NFC.

Uncomplicated: Modern smartphones are compatible with NFC technology as standard, neither an app nor any other prior installation is required for this.

Effective: The improved Internet presence and increased online rating activity generate awareness, attract customers and thus increase sales.

What does shoptimizer do?

Every step is progress.

It is important for every company to present itself well to the outside world. A positive online presence is also indispensable in the stationary sector. Ratings & social media are perfect ways to improve the digital appearance. Here the marketing tools help to improve customer loyalty and reputation in a playful way.

In the area of ​​sales, the quiet salesman is the ideal way for manufacturers and brands to sell more products to end customers. An attractive, automated commission statement makes it easier to find points of sale and the online shop constantly generates more sales.

Individual design
Made in Austria
Guaranteed success
Real reviews
Simple increase in sales
Individual design
Made in Austria
Guaranteed success
Real reviews
Simple increase in sales
Individual design
Made in Austria
Guaranteed success
Real reviews
Simple increase in sales

Our advantages

shoptimizer is a haptic tool that immediately attracts customers' attention with its unique design. They can also interact digitally with companies in a flash. Customer data is collected, which is used for online advertising. Evaluations enable monitoring and help companies to constantly optimize themselves.

Easy handling

No hassle, no app; no problem!

The shoptimizer requires no regular maintenance and no special care. Companies have no effort with shoptimizer ! The tool is delivered fully configured and you don't have to set anything yourself. The operation of the shoptimizer by the customer is also very easy and uncomplicated, so that even technically inexperienced people can use it without any problems.

The NFC technology of the shoptimizer also works without electricity and does not require any additional connections or its own Internet connection. Modern smartphones are compatible with NFC technology by default, so neither an app nor any other previous installation is necessary! Due to its compact size, it can be placed anywhere near the customer for use.

Improved Marketing

data collection. Target groups. Online Advertising.

Shoptimizer turns strangers into acquaintances . Whether as a marketing or sales tool; Knowing your own customers and reaching them again is essential for profit-oriented companies. Therefore, in compliance with the GDPR, anonymous customer data is collected with every interaction via the shoptimizer , which can be used for advertising purposes, statistical evaluation and real-time monitoring. On the basis of this data, companies get to know their target group better and can constantly optimize their offer for them.

The data is collected via integrated tracking codes such as Google and Facebook pixels. Online advertising can thus be targeted to your customers and similar people. Expensive scattering losses in advertising expenditure are avoided and only genuine interested parties are reached. The shoptimizer web app also offers entrepreneurs the option of adapting and editing the tracking codes at any time. Concrete target groups are determined and advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook and Co. are even more accurate.

Regular evaluations

site comparison. real-time evaluation. performance reviews.

Location comparisons serve as a management tool for the marketing and sales tools. For all products, the web app provides real-time access to the current results and customer data for use. In addition, prepared reports are regularly sent to your company via e-mail.

This function allows locations to be compared at a glance, best practice examples to be identified and potential for improvement to be identified immediately. Comparisons to the previous week and month make a positive contribution to the ongoing optimization of the branches.

Guaranteed success

Reputation. Rationalization. results.

The statistics speak for themselves! Our shoptimizer is already being used successfully in many areas, from gastronomy and retail to service providers. From all areas, our satisfied customers report both a stronger online presence and a more lively review culture, as well as better reputation and increased sales. It shows: our products attract new customers, strengthen customer loyalty and minimize the advertising budget!

The shoptimizer simplifies customer acquisition, which ultimately benefits the operating result.

results of our customers

Over 400 happy customers have searched for solutions on how to get more customer interaction. Thanks to the use of shoptimizer, the online reputation has improved significantly. More reviews led to more new customers in the company and this in turn increased sales. By using the sales tool, customers have convinced many new online shop customers to shop regularly and thus generate recurring income which increases sales month after month.


retail trade

By using the shoptimizer, 123 Gold has seen an average increase in Google ratings of 11.5 per month in retail. This leads to a significantly better ranking in Google searches and many new customers in the store.



On average, the Meet2Eat restaurant receives 1.9 times as many Google ratings per month as it did before the shoptimizer was used. The many ratings lead to increasing visitor numbers and improve the findability on the net enormously. Above all, an increase in tourists in the restaurant is recorded.

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