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shoptimizer rate-me beim Google bewerten
shoptimizer Produktübersicht


Easy to use​

shoptimizer einfache Bedienung blitzschnell mehr Follower mit follow-me

Regular evaluations

shoptimizer Analyse regelmäßige Auswertungen

Specific target group

shoptimizer Modell Business konkrete Zielgruppe für Marketing und Werbung

Guaranteed success

garantierter Erfolg mit shoptimizer laut der Studie



1.9x more reviews on average per month with shoptimizer in the period from July 2021 to May 2022 measured by the number of new Google reviews.

shoptimizer Studie Meat2Eat Restaurant Gastronomie


Retail trade

11.5x more reviews on average per month with shoptimizer in the period from August 2021 to June 2022 measured by the number of new Google reviews.

shoptimizer Studie 123Gold Einzelhandel Geschäfte

Individual design

shoptimizer individuelles Logo nachhaltig in Österreich (Austria) produziert

Thats what our customers say

The Shoptimizer makes it much easier and faster for our guests and customers to submit a review. For us, the increased reviews are great feedback to work on our service.


The interest in using the shoptimizer often comes from the customers themselves. The regular reviews have a positive effect on our online shop. In addition, the stylish wood fits perfectly with the furnishings in the shop.


By the rate-me in my
shop, my customers can easily give me feedback on their purchase. Thanks to the many reviews, new customers can now find me more easily.

Bretz Store Munich

We placed 2 shoptimizers in our store. The technology creates a WoW effect for our customers and helps us to reach customers outside of our shop on social media. In addition, we constantly get good Google ratings, which have a positive effect on visitors to our web shop.

Mister Gin Shop & Trade

The placement of the follow me
in the bar helps us enormously to better connect with our guests. It enables us to draw the attention of our guests to further events after their visit.

Krotach7 culture bar

Since we have been using Shoptimizer's rate-me, we can now easily ask our customers to rate us and thus receive even more positive ratings. We have positioned the rate-me at the checkout and can therefore address the customer directly during the payment process.

Herzschlag Salzburg

The Shoptimizer is practical for us, because we get positive feedback from the customers easily and simply after the project is completed. The device can also be easily taken to assembly appointments and our customers can immediately and quickly submit a Google rating.

Metalltech Neudecker

Our shoptimizer links directly to our company website. The tool is in our reception. Here visitors can look at our homepage with short waiting times. The shoptimizer is also important for our booth. Interested parties are forwarded directly to the homepage and can then be reminded of us via Google Ads even after the trade fair.


We are very satisfied with the product!

Since it offers the customer a very easy and convenient solution to leave a feedback!

Steakhouse Meet2eat Salzburg

For us as a social media agency, the shoptimizers are a great support for our offer. Our customers place the pretty gadget with them and connect with visitors quickly and easily on social media. This brings many new & interested followers.

Social Era OG

With the Shoptimizer we can approach our guests directly and ask for a rating. This means we get new reviews all the time.



SHOPTIMIZER one off € 157.00 net € 157.00 net € 157.00 net
Monthly charges €0.00 € 20.00 net € 40.00 net
Annual costs € 37.00 net €0.00 €0.00
Regular evaluations yearly monthly weekly
Service email no no Yes
Tracking of users no no Yes
Annual product exchange no no Yes
Configure link for free no no Yes
Exclusive web & app access no no Yes

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