Quiet Salesman

The silent seller is the perfect sales tool for manufacturers/brands to constantly win new online shop customers. It is placed in stationary areas and offers visitors the opportunity to order easily and immediately in the online shop. A flyer placed in the elegant wooden case presents the products on offer and immediately attracts attention.

A quick touch with a smartphone or the scan of the QR code is enough to go directly to the checkout of the shopping cart of the respective online shop. Discounts and a countdown also motivate visitors to make impulse purchases.

When the visitor has placed the order, the products will be delivered to their home. The operator of the stationary point of sale then receives the commission for this sale in a fully automated manner. The point of sale can also receive additional commissions for additional sales made by this customer in the manufacturer's online shop.

This creates a win-win situation both for the manufacturer, who constantly generates new loyal online shop customers, and for the operator of the point of sale, who generates passive income by making his "sales area" available for the quiet salesman.

In addition, the manufacturer receives valuable data from interested parties through GDPR-compliant data tracking. Thanks to integrated tracking codes for each device, perfect product and area-related target groups can be created. The company can then place advertising on Google, Facebook and Instagram to these people.

The quiet salesman is perfect for generating additional sales. If you have a business with your own online store and you sell products that can be directly or indirectly experienced at physical points of sale, you have a unique opportunity to sell in places where you couldn't sell before.

For example, a spice manufacturer can use the quiet salesman to acquire new, loyal online shop customers in the catering industry. All the brand has to do is offer the restaurateurs they supply or want to supply to place the quiet Salesman on the tables. Guests then experience the spices indirectly in the food they eat and have the opportunity to order a tasting box from the spice company to take home with a discount.

The restaurateur automatically receives a commission from the manufacturer for this and other purchases made by his guest, which creates a win-win situation for both. The restaurateur generates passive income by placing the quiet salesman and the manufacturer is happy about additional sales and many new, loyal online shop customers.

  • Additional Sales
  • Automated commission accounting
  • Tracking users for online advertising
  • Monitoring of the points of sale for permanent optimization.

Placed stationary - ordered directly

Whether in the restaurant, in waiting areas at doctors / physiotherapists or at personal service providers. Wherever there is direct contact with visitors from a certain target group, thematically appropriate products can be sold by manufacturers.

More new customers -> more sales

The quiet salesman helps me to sell more of my products in stationary areas. The shoptimizers are used in restaurants, hotels and pharmacies and help me to make my brand better known. I am constantly generating new loyal online shop customers and thus helping many people to live healthier with my food medicine.

Alexandra Herlbauer, Managing Director of JOY NATURALS GmbH

3 clicks to spontaneous purchase

With tracking codes, retargeting of visitors is also possible after use

Discount and countdown trigger the visitor's impulse purchase

Visitors can order products straight to their homes

For whom is the quiet salesman suitable?

All manufacturers/brands who want to increase their online shop sales can use the quiet salesman.

Typical products with associated points of sale are:

Dietary Supplements • Vitamins • Health Products →

Wine • Spirits • Spices etc. →

Sporting Goods • Sports Nutrition →

Beauty products • Hair care products →

Waiting room Doctors • Nutritionists • Physiotherapists

Restaurants • Bars

sports facilities

Hairdressers • beauty salons

These are just a few uses of the quiet salesman. There are many more physical touchpoints where products can be sold to visitors.

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