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shoptimizer production sustainable social aspect

Sustainability and social aspects are particularly important to us, a young start-up from Austria.


Our shoptimizers are made from Austrian wood, which comes from sustainable forestry. The main component of our marketing tool is wood and only the attachments, such as the NFC chip, are made of plastic. However, these can be recycled according to type. We see the beauty in nature and it is not always the same and that is a good thing. Different growth lines in the wood make each shoptimizer unique.


The wood is further processed by the social workshop Pro Mente directly in Salzburg. Pro Mente helps the long-term unemployed to re-enter the world of work. The blanks are made carefully and with a lot of love for the wood.

The individual design of the engraving is carried out by the Ruperti workshops of Caritas. The Ruperti workshops in Altötting are a facility for integrating people into working life; recognized as a workshop for people with physical or mental disabilities. Our shoptimizer products are refined in this social facility with great attention to detail and fun at work. In addition, employees receive support and support in their jobs.


We maintain a very good relationship with both companies and support them in production. It is important to us that our shoptimizers are delivered to our customers perfectly, both visually and functionally. Perfection is our drive and our absolute goal. That's why we take a lot of time for the production and testing of our products so that you, as our customer, receive a unique, perfect marketing tool.


However, since we are also aware that the wood look is not consistent in every company, we at shoptimizer are working on a version made of Corian. Corian is made of stone with a very small amount of plastic. A compromise to avoid an all-plastic solution.

We want to bring the power of nature into the company and also give our posterity the chance to lead a carefree life and to produce almost no waste that cannot be recycled.

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