shoptimizer find-me Variante hell für mehr Webseitenbesucher
shoptimizer find-me Variante dunkel für mehr Webseitenbesucher


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shoptimizer rate-me funktioniert stromlos ohne Akku

Works without electricity

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Works without WiFi

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No setup necessary

The find-me opens up the fascinating world of digital content to your customers and offers numerous opportunities to improve your online presence. It doesn't matter whether it's about promoting your website, organizing an exciting competition or collecting feedback from customers in the form of surveys - with the find-me all this and much more is possible!

The find-me proves to be particularly practical when it comes to specific areas on your website that you want to make accessible to your customers quickly and easily. Price lists, booking calendars or other important information can be easily shared via find-me so that your customers can find what they are looking for immediately. And the nice thing about it is that find-me is extremely user-friendly and doesn't cause any difficulties even for less technically savvy customers. With just a few clicks, they can access the content they want and enjoy the experience they want.

But the find-me can do even more! It is a creative tool that you can use to inspire your customers and encourage them to take action. How about, for example, an interactive competition where your customers can win attractive prizes? Or you share interesting content such as informative articles, inspiring videos or exclusive discount codes via find-me to engage your customers and offer them additional value. The possibilities are almost limitless!

The shoptimizer find-me is suitable for:

exhibition stands
Reception of company buildings
retail trade
beauty salons

shoptimizer “find me”

Another positive aspect of find-me is the increase in website traffic. Through targeted promotional campaigns and the integration of find-me, you can direct more visitors to your website and thus strengthen your online presence. For online shops in particular, find-me offers a great opportunity to advertise seasonal promotions and draw customers' attention to current offers.

In addition to the numerous advantages for your company, the find-me also has a positive impact on the environment. By providing information digitally and avoiding printed materials such as flyers or brochures, you can save paper and thus make a contribution to environmental protection.

In short: find-me is a versatile and effective tool for offering your customers digital added value, increasing your website traffic, promoting your offers and at the same time saving paper. Use the many possibilities of find-me to make your customers' stay in your shop an unforgettable experience and to strengthen your online presence!

More website access through easy operation

Evaluations & analyses

Regular traffic improves your SEO and online presence.


The Shoptimizer makes it much easier and faster for our guests and customers to submit a review. For us, the increased reviews are great feedback to work on our service.

Bretz Store Munich

By the rate-me in my
shop, my customers can easily give me feedback on their purchase. Thanks to the many reviews, new customers can now find me more easily.


With the Shoptimizer we can approach our guests directly and ask for a rating. This means we get new reviews all the time.

Steakhouse Meet2eat Salzburg

We are very satisfied with the product! As it offers the customer a very easy and convenient solution to leave a feedback!


DAMN PLASTIC - Victoria Neuhofer

We are very satisfied with our shoptimizer. The evaluations are extremely important for us to compare the performance of our franchisees. The results allow us to better support our partners. In addition, the collected customer data helps us to place targeted advertising on people who are actually interested in our concept. We thus avoid costly wastage.

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