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like-me - shoptimizer


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  • Better communication with customers

  • increase in range

  • Strengthen customer relationships

Facebook is the most well-known social network that is very important in the field of marketing and events. Similar to Instagram, the platform can be used to maintain good contact with the customer and to motivate them to visit the store again through regular posts. With like-me, the customer can be offered a direct link to the Facebook profile of your company and they can click on the “Like” button in seconds and will also be regularly informed about new promotions or offers from your shop after their purchase. In this way, your customers stay in constant contact with your company and go back to the same store or shop on the website. Your customers only have to be asked to hold their smartphone on the shoptimizer and "like" the company.

The success is guaranteed that a larger number of interested parties is reached and the relationship with customers is strengthened.


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