shoptimizer like-me Variante hell für mehr Facebook-Likes
shoptimizer like-me Variante dunkel für mehr Facebook-Likes


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shoptimizer rate-me funktioniert stromlos ohne Akku

Works without electricity

shoptimizer rate-me benötigt kein WLAN bzw. WiFi

Works without WiFi

shoptimizer rate-me benötigt keine Einrichtung vom Unternehmen

No setup necessary

Facebook - the undisputed kingdom of social networks, captivating businesses and consumers alike. With billions of users, Facebook offers an almost endless source of potential customers. It's no wonder so many businesses have a presence on Facebook and use the platform to increase their reach and success.

But Facebook is not only a place to address potential customers, but also an unbeatable tool for customer loyalty. Similar to Instagram, regular posts and interactions with their followers allow businesses to bond more closely. With a simple touch of the like-me with a smartphone, customers can access your company profile directly through the built-in NFC technology. One click on the "Like" button and your customers stay connected with you in social media in the long term.

The shoptimizer like-me is suitable for:

retail trade
exhibition stands
beauty salons

shoptimizer “like me”

The contact does not tear off even after the purchase. Targeted posts and content allow businesses to keep engaging with their customers and maintain a lasting relationship. Customers are regularly informed about news, offers and events, which makes them feel like part of the company's community. It's no wonder that companies that are active on Facebook can achieve greater reach and customer loyalty.

So, what are you waiting for? Use the incredible possibilities that Facebook offers to give your company the decisive boost and inspire your customers! Be present, engage with your audience and provide them with valuable content that engages them and binds them to your business. With Facebook as your marketing tool, you have endless opportunities to strengthen your brand, attract new customers, and increase your sales. Take the initiative now and make Facebook an indispensable part of your marketing strategy and buy the like-me for it!

More likes thanks to the easy operation

Better online presence

Regular interactions improve your SEO and online presence.


The Shoptimizer makes it much easier and faster for our guests and customers to submit a review. For us, the increased reviews are great feedback to work on our service.

Bretz Store Munich

By the rate-me in my
shop, my customers can easily give me feedback on their purchase. Thanks to the many reviews, new customers can now find me more easily.


With the Shoptimizer we can approach our guests directly and ask for a rating. This means we get new reviews all the time.

Steakhouse Meet2eat Salzburg

We are very satisfied with the product! As it offers the customer a very easy and convenient solution to leave a feedback!


DAMN PLASTIC - Victoria Neuhofer

We are very satisfied with our shoptimizer. The evaluations are extremely important for us to compare the performance of our franchisees. The results allow us to better support our partners. In addition, the collected customer data helps us to place targeted advertising on people who are actually interested in our concept. We thus avoid costly wastage.

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