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shoptimizer Enterprise Paket


This package is perfect for large companies that value excellent service. It includes regular evaluations to optimize locations and advanced tracking functions to avoid advertising waste. Customers are recognized in a GDPR-compliant manner and can be targeted with Google/Facebook Ads. ENTERPRISE customers benefit from a service hotline, training in MS Teams as well as the option to individualize products and set up Windows access (SSO), which enormously improves the workflow. With this plan, companies can optimize their workflows and increase customer satisfaction.

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Tailored to large companies

This package is the ultimate solution for large companies that want to stand out from the competition through exceptional service. It not only offers regular evaluations that help to optimize locations, but also an advanced tracking function that can avoid advertising waste. The customers are recognized in a GDPR-compliant manner, so that advertising in the form of Google/Facebook Ads is only shown to those customers and similar people who are most likely to be interested.

This plan has one clear priority: service. Therefore, ENTERPRISE customers are supported by a special service hotline where questions are answered quickly and easily. Training in MS Teams is also included, where managers are introduced to the software and given tips and tricks on how to use it. The individualization of the products is already included in the price, so companies do not have to worry about additional costs. Setting up Windows access (SSO) is also possible without any problems, which vastly improves the workflow and makes using the software even more efficient.

With this plan, companies have everything they need to offer excellent service and optimally support their customers. The regular evaluations and the tracking function ensure that the locations are optimally positioned and that advertising is used effectively. ENTERPRISE customer support ensures that questions are answered quickly and easily and that managers can familiarize themselves with the software optimally. And thanks to the individualization of the products and the ability to set up Windows access, companies can optimize their workflows and increase their efficiency. This plan is the perfect choice for large companies that value service and customer satisfaction.


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