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10 tips for the success of your hair salon

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Think of the case of a person who takes a flight to go to their hairdresser's, or the group of ladies who meet at their hairdresser's every Friday afternoon... Or the young women who absolutely have to be fashionable want and discover a hair salon that offers the latest cuts and colors ... There are as many cases as different clients that make or break the success of your hair salon.

There is no magic formula that will guarantee the success of your business, but it will not come by itself either. Success is not an accident, but the result of doing things right.

10 tips to help you succeed :

1. I dealer customer

First, you need to define your ideal customer. Prospect profiles help you uncover the reasons that drive clients to visit your salon or choose another business.

How do you define an ideal customer? You should create a general profile for each type of client who visits your salon regularly, recording characteristics such as age, gender, working hours, frequency of visits, and desired services...

The goal is to think about the motivation that drives this type of profile to come to your salon and not another. Ideally, you should be able to define at least four different prospects and know which of them may be more profitable (one or more) so you can tailor your business marketing even more to their needs.

The reasons why a client chooses your salon can be very different. For your professional specialization, for your longstanding existence with a certain degree of recognition, for word of mouth, for the awards, etc.

The most important thing is that you know your clients and can reinforce the reasons that make them come to your salon.

2. Name of the hair salon

Something as simple as the name of your hair salon can make a world of difference. It's not the same " John 's Barbershop " as "Franz Müller, Haaretz". The first name might try to capture a type of male customer who, as always, trusts the barber to take care of his beard and hair (hipster), and the second speaks of a business run by a professional, his Prestige that attracts customers.

The name will be the first element that attracts your potential customers, so you should choose it according to the type of customers you want to target.

3. The team

Choosing your team is fundamental to ensure a good job without having to do everything yourself.

Surround yourself with a well-trained team ready to learn and innovate.

4. Selection of products and continuous training

Continuing education keeps you up to date with tools and products. Companies that offer products at low cost operate at a price that does not allow them to be as flexible in offering education and training programs . This puts the hairdresser at a disadvantage compared to those who have received such training. In addition, cheap products do not offer the same quality and unexpected results can damage your company's reputation.

5.Marketing 2.0. Openness to new technologies

A pair of scissors, a comb, lots of art and... Facebook. Social networks offer a previously unavailable opportunity to present an offer that can reach the whole world. It's now easier than ever to get your work noticed and recognized, but it also takes some effort. Familiarizing yourself with social media can help you attract new customers and build loyalty from those you already know. are suitable for this shoptimizer perfect. Because the tool is placed in the hairdressing salon in the waiting or checkout area and customers can interact with you online immediately and easily. The built-in NFC technology forwards to your specific social media profile and customers can follow or like immediately. Google reviews are also a good way to stand out from the competition. The shoptimizer is also suitable here . Because it couldn't be easier for the customer to give a rating. So use the tool to bind your existing customers more to you and thus be able to address new customers more easily.

This is how you turn your customers into fans and you can remind them online of your offer and your products at all times.

Of course, to get your work known, you need to be very careful with photography, light, and background. You don't need the latest SLR, but it's a good idea to have a well-lit area for selfies with your subtle logo and a pleasant atmosphere.

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6. Customer Support

The hair salon should be a center of relaxation. Aesthetics, music, comfort and services should be considered in detail. Today, there are many hair salons that offer coffee, tea, or a well-served beverage, not in disposable cups, but in something that fits the salon's aesthetic.

Likewise, we need to offer a variety of services, not just cut and color, but also treatment, repair, anti-hair loss products... and align these services into a unique experience.

Try to maintain an agile and well-coordinated booking service that always keeps the salon at full capacity.

7. The aesthetics of the salon

A hair salon can be as personal as the hairdresser's home. The goal should be to provide an experience that is geared towards the type of customer you are looking for.

Colours, furniture and decoration must be in harmony with one another to convey a welcoming feeling and confidence. The aesthetics of the salon usually reflect the same character as the people who enter it.

A design with bright colors, graffiti and music like pop or rock 'n' roll can cater to a modern customer looking for the latest color trends and more radical cuts.

Most salons today focus on a more general client who seeks relaxation in their beauty treatments. Neutral and pastel tones, good lighting, plants and large mirrors give your salon a spacious character and create a much more relaxed atmosphere.

8. Keep up to date with trends

Keeping up with fashion and trends will always give you an advantage over other hairdressers. Pay attention to the color trends that match the respective season and advise your customers accordingly. Read magazines about new trends and always stay informed about what is currently modern. Many customers who do not have time to find out about the trends themselves want this.

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9. Logistics

Saving means winning. When you stop hoarding products and keep track of what's selling best, your life becomes easier. Make sure your warehouse is well organized and don't let poor logistics get you down.

10. Pricing

Some experts say more than 14% of customers are lost because of pricing. Both too low and too high prices have a negative impact.

One should not be guided by competitors' prices (which is common practice). "The difference lies in the professionalism and quality of the services offered, not in whether they are more or less expensive.

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