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More ratings for car dealers & car dealerships with shoptimizer

shoptimizer dealership reviews

Whether it's an oil change or a new car, the customer's opinion is always in demand!

Trust is particularly important when buying or repairing a car. After all, everything must be properly checked before putting a vehicle into operation on the road. Traffic safety is important to everyone. Therefore, when buying a used car or a new car, a certain degree of trust and reliability is required. Of course, this also applies to repairs and regular service appointments. A competent partner is a must for most consumers.

But what to do if you don't yet have a mechanic or a car dealership you trust?

In this case, the only way remains to be guided by the reviews of the various options. Because the experience of others is usually very valuable and saves you trouble and energy. The best-known and most frequently used platform is the Google reviews. Because this is the easiest and fastest. Consumers can quickly compare the car dealerships with just a few clicks and choose the best based on the ratings. Most of the time, the choice falls unconsciously on the company with the most and best ratings. Because these companies are also displayed at the top when searching the web.

This means that if a car dealership wants to stand out from the competition and wants to appear on the internet as the most reliable partner when it comes to repairs and new cars, it needs a lot of Google ratings. Word of mouth alone is not enough to be successful in the long term, especially in order to attract new customers to the workshop. Google ratings are therefore indispensable for car dealerships and car dealers.

shoptimizer rate-me dealership reviews

The easiest way to get the ratings is with the shoptimizer "rate-me". This only has to be placed near the counter or at the service point near the customer. Customers then have the opportunity to immediately submit a Google rating when picking up their repaired car from the workshop or when buying a new car. This works with the help of the built-in NFC technology in the shoptimizer. The technology leads directly to the Google rating of the respective car dealership when you touch it with a smartphone. Customers can then rate the service and advice of the respective car dealership in no time without having to do a lot of work themselves. This in turn benefits new customers who are looking for a reliable workshop and can better orientate themselves on the ratings.

The car dealership significantly increases its online presence and gets more reviews from real customers in the store. This also has a positive effect on the website of the car dealerships. Because the regular reviews have a positive effect on search engine optimization (SEO).
The use of shoptimizer in the car dealership results in an advantage for the company as well as for the customers.

Well then, we wish you a safe journey and always a parking space. 🚗

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