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Bella Ciao - more reviews in the hotel

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Hotels depend on good reviews on the internet. This does not only include the reviews in TripAdvisor or Tourists are paying more and more attention to Google reviews of hotels. Especially in the case of a spontaneous booking, Google searches for "hotels near me". The hotels that have the most ratings are then displayed first.

Since tourists are unfamiliar with the area and usually have no other clue, they rely on the reviews and choose the accommodation with the most reviews. For this reason, it is important for hotels to expand their Google reviews and thus their online presence.

shoptimizer restaurant pizzeria reviews

Beatrix Aichhorn runs a hotel in Grado (Italy). She placed the shoptimizer rate-me next to her guest book. Thus, your guests can simply and easily submit a Google rating at checkout. All the guests have to do is hold their smartphone briefly on the wooden tool. The short touch connects to the hotel's own review page "Casa Bea" using NFC.

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NFC stands for near field communication and is installed in almost all smartphones. The short touch is sufficient to be forwarded directly to the evaluation. Guests don't waste too much time rating and can share their feedback with future hotel guests.

Beatrix, the boss, is happy because she gets regular feedback from her guests and can therefore continuously improve her service. In addition, it is easier for new guests to find in the Google search because its online presence is improved by the many reviews. Her website also benefits from the many reviews and gets more views since she has the Shoptimizer tool.

Bella Italia at Casa Bea Grado.

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