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The importance of customer reviews on Google

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The importance of customer reviews on Google

Before buying any product or service, it is common to read reviews from other consumers. Google customer reviews are a key element in the sales process. In many cases, they are decisive for whether the prospect buys the article or not. Do you want to know what is in the customer ratings on Google?

What are Google Reviews?

The main search engine on the Internet, Google, offers a service that allows collecting information about the level of satisfaction of customers who have purchased a product or service. Google Customer Reviews gives customers the opportunity to take a survey to rate their experience.

Google reviews for online shops appear in an area provided by Google My Business, where users' opinions about a business can be found.

It is a free platform offered by Google so that any company that wishes can create a listing with the most important information about the company. It includes aspects such as a description of the activity or location in the case of physical transactions.

Google My Business listings appear on the right side of Google results when the user types a business name into the search engine. In addition to the above information, you can include useful information such as: B. the opening times in the case of shops, the type of products offered or customer reviews of your services or products.

The latter are integrated in a very simple way. Each user can rate the shopping experience from 1 to 5 stars. There is also a text area where the consumer can write a more detailed review by giving their opinion in the form of comments or even including photos in the reviews.

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Why are Google reviews so important and what are the benefits? 

Encouraging Google Customer Reviews for your business is paramount in many ways. We're going to tell you some of the benefits you'll have if you have them:  

Stimulates local SEO 

When someone has a broken faucet, they often search Google for "plumbers near me". Google provides a list of plumbing companies near you. The same goes for local businesses of any kind. 

Typically, the user will call one of the first results that appear. Google customer reviews are an important part of boosting local SEO, meaning they help your business appear among the first in mobile searches.

They are important for your brand image 

The fact that your business has more positive reviews increases consumer confidence. When a company with no reviews faces a company with a lot of reviews, the latter is always chosen. Especially, of course, if most of them are positive. 

Improve traffic on your website 

If a user finds that there are very positive reviews about your business, it is very likely that he or she will show interest in visiting your website and learning more about what you have to offer. This increases your sales and at the same time your position in the search engines. 

It shows you where you can improve 

Feedback is essential in every company. With Google Customer Reviews, you'll know where users are most dissatisfied and can troubleshoot potential errors that are hampering the shopping experience. It's important to know how the public who buys your products or services see you, what pain points you need to improve, and to let users know that their opinion matters to you and that you will work on improvements based on that. 

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How can you improve your customer ratings on Google? 

Positive customer reviews on Google can significantly increase your company's sales. Without a doubt, the main task is to offer a quality product or service and to ensure that the customer's shopping experience is satisfactory at all times. But there are other ways to improve Google ratings. 

Make it easy for customers to write reviews 

Sometimes customers don't know how to write Google reviews for your business. The best thing you can do is make it easy for them to do so. Place the shoptimizer rate-me, which leads with a direct link to the place where customers can write their reviews. Place the shoptimizer in a visible place with an attractive call to action. Instruct your customers directly to use the tool and support them in doing so. 

Offer your customers an incentive with a promotion 

Rewards are the best way to get your customers to leave reviews. Offer promotions, discounts or small gifts to those who interact with you and leave reviews through shoptimizer. This increases the number of your reviews.  

Update your Google Business account 

The user should notice that you are also active. Add any business changes to your account so the consumer feels like they are interacting with a business that is renewing their information. 

Respond personally and quickly to all comments 

Engaging with users is a great way to make them feel like they are the most important thing to your business. Careful and positive responses to all reviews, including negative ones, are rewarded by consumers. It will also improve your Google ranking. 

Ask for a review at the right time 

It is important to know the life cycle of your customers in order to be able to ask them for a review at the right time. A practical example: it is much more appropriate for a dental clinic to ask the patient for a review when they have completed their treatment and see the result than on the day of the treatment itself if they are in pain or have negative feelings about the experience. 

That's all you need to know about Google Reviews, their benefits and what they mean for businesses! Start taking them into account, and little by little you will see that one way or another, your business will be rewarded for it. If you need advice on which shoptimizer model is best for you and your business, contact us.

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