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The importance of good Google My Business reviews

shoptimizer Google My Business more control and ratings

What are ratings?

Ratings are the comments people leave after visiting a restaurant or hotel and then ask for feedback. They are widely featured on sites like TripAdvisor, Booking and also on Google. The importance of reviews lies in the fact that the company receives direct opinions from users, who usually rate them with stars (usually from 1 to 5) and with additional comments about their experience in their company - a very important source of information!

When we talk about internet search engines, the king in Germany, Austria or Switzerland is Google. It is about the business information system Google My Business, which we will write about here.

Why is it important for customers to leave reviews for your business?

First, because the review represents a genuine opinion about the customer's experience with your business. If it is a restaurant, they will give their opinion on the food received, the service or other factors to be considered; if it is a hotel, they will comment on the spaciousness of the room, cleanliness, etc... They will thus become an important feedback that will allow you to analyze shortcomings and merits and therefore correct the mistakes and to keep improving day by day. Nowadays it's a mistake to say I don't care about reviews because they are a source of information that should at least be paid attention to and answered.

While it's true that there are reviews that are wrong and there are people who give bad reviews, that's not usually the case, and these systems are becoming more sophisticated to ensure the reviews are as reliable as possible.

The second reason it's important to have positive reviews for your business is that the business and star rating card section with reviews is one of the first blocks of information that appears when searching mobile search engines. When you do a search, e.g. B. "Lawyers in Salzburg", you will be shown the first three results on the local map of Salzburg with the best positioning. One of the factors that influence whether you appear there or appear at the top is precisely the reviews, their quantity and quality.

One of the most important sites when it comes to getting reviews is undoubtedly Google. Thanks to the enormous penetration of smartphones, it is becoming increasingly important to be well positioned on Google, because the first thing that appears in a mobile search is almost always the map of the area.

Rate shoptimizer rate-me on Google

How do you get customers to rate you on Google?

First of all, you must have a Google My Business profile. You cannot receive reviews without a business profile on this site.

The following steps must be observed:

  • Your users or customers need to go to the Google Maps mobile app and search for your business there. It also appears as a natural Google search when the search matches the name of the business in question.
  • Your business will be displayed and if you scroll down you will find a field for reviews along with the address and phone number.
  • The star rating and the review itself, where the user rates your business, can be found there.

As you can see, it is a process that you should recommend to your customers to get recommendations (positive reviews) and criticism (less positive reviews).

Don't know where to start and need help?

We at shoptimizer are experts in the field of Google reviews and are happy to support you in getting more of them. The shoptimizer tool is placed near the customer and helps you to break the ice and easily get Google ratings in a playful way. The built-in NFC technology allows customers to be forwarded to your Google rating option on site in a matter of seconds, just by touching their smartphone. In addition, we support you with high-quality documents on how best to answer reviews or ask customers to do so. We teach our clients the right methodology to get many reviews and be successful in the long term.

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