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Use digitization for more tourism

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Every community is happy about more visitors and lively tourism. Unfortunately, this has been reversed, especially during the pandemic period. An Austrian company has set itself the task of reviving tourism with the help of modern technology and achieving better networking with local visitors.

Many communities are already benefiting from the “shoptimizer” service, as the small, good-looking product is called. The noble wood is 100% from Austria and is processed regionally. It can be customized and ordered with the municipality's logo or an individual text. The optics are a real eye-catcher:

NFC technology is installed in this elaborately processed wood. NFC stands for near field communication and has recently become well known through payment services such as ApplePay / Google Pay. With this NFC technology, a quick touch with a smartphone is enough to connect digitally with visitors in a matter of seconds. Since 2015, almost all smartphones have been equipped with NFC and are compatible with the "shoptimizer". The NFC technology is more user-friendly and cannot be manipulated compared to the QR codes used for this purpose.

The technology is then programmed with the community channels and the shoptimizers placed in busy places or tourist information facilities.

Visitors can then simply hold their smartphone briefly on the shoptimizer and are automatically forwarded via NFC to the digital channels of the municipality just by touching it.

A redirect can be, for example:

  • Social media profiles (Instagram / Facebook)
  • Information documents (hiking trails / tourist attractions etc.)
  • Newsletter subscriptions
  • event calendar
  • Google reviews

In this way, offline visitors can be turned into online visitors in no time at all, and communities maintain long-term contact by continuing to reach visitors digitally via their specific channels.

Communities then enjoy:

  • More followers/likes in social media from visitors who are really interested in the region
  • More ways to reach offline visitors online via Google Ads
  • More ways to inform visitors about news even after their visit
  • Higher number of newsletter registrations and thus better loyalty for visitors
  • More Google ratings and thus better findability on the web and more visitors

These tourism-promoting digitization measures support communities enormously and attract many new visitors to the region.

The product can easily be purchased in the online shop or by telephone:

Dauntles GmbH / / / +436644686119

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