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Shooting advertising films around the marketing tool

shoptimizer Damn Plastic advertising shoot

The shoptimizer, a marketing tool with NFC technology, is enjoying increasing popularity in industries such as retail and catering. Elias Danninger and Daniel Sigl, who developed the shoptimizer with their young company Dauntles GmbH, now want to make their innovative marketing tool even more famous with their first advertising appearance. With the shoptimizer you can easily submit reviews of companies and service offerings on social media platforms such as YouTube or Facebook.

With some satisfied customers as testimonials who are already successfully using the shoptimizer as a marketing tool, several advertising videos were created. The film was shot at Damn Plastic on Mariahilferstrasse in Vienna, among others. Victoria Neuhofer and Stephanie Sinko, the two founders of Damn Plastic, offer a colorful range of so-called impact products from a wide variety of segments in their stylish shop in the Gerngross department store. Impact products do not contain any plastic or are made from recycled material, for example from plastic that has been fished out of the sea. The concept has proven successful; there are now several Damn Plastic locations, in addition to the headquarters in Salzburg, one in Vienna and one in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana. In Bregenz, Munich and Los Angeles as well as a second shop in Ljubljana will be added soon.

“We have been using the shoptimizer in all of our stores almost since the company was founded and are extremely satisfied with the results,” reports Damn Plastic managing director Sinko. “For us, the shoptimizer is an uncomplicated and incorruptible analysis tool to find out more about our customers and their satisfaction with our product range.”

For the filming of the videos, the shoptimizer duo Danninger and Sigl hired video professional Taras Gudzovskyi as production manager and cameraman. The young Ukrainian runs his own production company in Vienna, Goodsky Media.

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