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An event that has broadened your marketing perspectives

shoptimizer & M.M advertising & event upper floor

Join us for an inspiring event that will change the way you think about marketing and give you valuable insights.      

Our last event was a true highlight for all marketing enthusiasts. In cooperation with MM Werbe & Event OG and renowned experts, we created an event that provided new impulses and insights in the marketing world. Be inspired by our review of this unforgettable evening.
Guided tour through the BioArt Campus Seeham by Robert Rosenstatter
The evening began with a warm champagne reception, which immediately put the guests in the right mood. Surrounded by the impressive backdrop of the BioArt campus, Robert Rosenstatter guided us through an inspiring environment that stimulated our creativity. The campus provided the perfect setting for an event that showcased innovative marketing approaches.
Management consultant Boris Zellner
A particular highlight was the presentation by management consultant Boris Zellner. With his expertise and passion for marketing, he opened up new perspectives for us and inspired us to take creative approaches.
shoptimizer - digital helper for more sales & reputation
Then we delved deep into the world of the shoptimizer® - Dauntles GmbH. This innovative tool enables companies to take their online reputation to a new level and target tailor-made target groups. It is a valuable resource for anyone looking to thrive in the digital age.
We would like to thank MM Werbe & Event OG for the outstanding organization and their innovative ideas. Celebrate the success of this event with us and be inspired by our impressions. Keep your finger on the pulse of the marketing world by subscribing to our newsletter to be notified of future events and news. Together we can explore new avenues in marketing and broaden our perspectives.
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