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shoptimizer for more reviews in the restaurant

shoptimizer restaurant reviews gastronomy

Whether it's a cozy coffee on the sunny terrace of a restaurant or a delicious schnitzel in the dining room, service is the most important thing in gastronomy. Guests want to be served in a friendly manner and really want to be pampered. Everyone knows what really good service feels like. You get the feeling that everything revolves around the guests.

This service needs to be rewarded, and not just in the form of a good tip. Alternatively, Google ratings are also good for showing satisfaction. Giving reviews not only pleases the restaurant, but also helps countless future guests to choose the right restaurant. Because visitors who are unfamiliar with the area in particular usually orientate themselves solely on the Google ratings because they have no other clues. It is therefore essential to take the short time for digital feedback.

shoptimizer restaurant pizzeria nfc reviews

Especially when you are just sitting relaxed in the sun and enjoying the day. The Shoptimizer tool is a great help for guests and restaurants. It can either be placed stationary, for example for picking up food, or simply brought to the table with the bill. NFC technology is installed in the finely processed wood, which creates a direct link to the individual Google rating of the restaurant. With the help of this technology, guests can simply hold their smartphone briefly on the tool and will be forwarded to the Google rating of the restaurant in seconds and can rate it immediately.
As a result, the restaurant regularly gets real reviews from real visitors and makes it easier for new guests to find the best restaurant in the area.

The Pizzeria Marettimo from Salzburg also uses the Shoptimizer successfully to get more reviews. Since they have the tool, the number of Google reviews has increased rapidly and more and more visitors from further afield are visiting the restaurant. The guests gratefully accept the simple rating option and are happy to be able to recommend the delicious pizza to other people.

shoptimizer intro rate-me reviews

Guests and restaurants benefit equally from the purchase of the Shoptimizer rate-me, which is why the tool is so popular with restaurateurs.

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