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The importance of Instagram to your business

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Social media has become the main ally of businesses around the world. Thanks to them, you can make your products and services known to your customers. They also help you gather valuable information about their tastes and preferences. Instagram stands out from the crowd thanks to its functionality, which is highly appreciated by users.

Discover the advantages that this social network offers for brands:

Your customers can make purchases without leaving the platform:

Instagram Shopping, an Instagram exclusive mode for businesses, allows brands to sell their products without leaving the social network. This allows the companies to tag their products in the photos and add the prices. In this way, each user has the experience of seeing a great photo with a future object that they can buy and acquire with just one click.

These are the requirements you need to meet if you want to enable Instagram Shopping for your business:

  • Do you have a business Instagram profile.
  • Do you have a business page on Facebook?
  • Offer products in catalogs on Facebook.
  • Get products integrated with platforms like Shopify or BigCommerce.
  • Publish at least nine pieces of content on your company profile.
  • Install the latest version of Instagram.
  • The Growing Importance of Stories.

Instagram Stories are one of Instagram's most valuable tools for businesses. This allows you to post photos or short videos that users view frequently. According to the same platform, 500 million people view Instagram Stories every day, a third of the most viewed stories are owned by businesses, and one in five receive a direct message from the audience.

Award-winning platform for content marketing:

120 million users interact with brands on Instagram through messages, emails, calls or website visits. It's an important platform for understanding exactly what your users need to know and giving them that information in a relevant way, as it's one of the best channels to connect with your audience.

Instagram is a fast way for brands to gain followers and attract more people to you. Many users are more likely to follow brands just because they are on Instagram. Around 80% of people follow a business on Instagram. This allows for a very natural relationship between the brand and its followers, rather than forcing an association with paid advertising.

It allows you to get involved in your community:

Instagram has the highest average engagement rate of any social network, beating Facebook and Twitter. This is proof that your audience is more receptive to branded content than other platforms.

A great way to generate engagement is to follow people who are talking about your business or products and comment on their photos and videos. You can also use some "hashtags" and create some original ones of your own that will encourage your followers to participate. Remember that engaging your customers isn't just about posting photos and videos of your products for others to see!

You actually have to get in touch with them! Engagement is really important because it leads to real sales and loyal customers.

shoptimizer follow-me for more instagram followers

Tools that are placed in the sales room or at the exhibition stand are suitable for generating real and loyal followers. The shoptimizer "follow-me" is the most efficient way to get new followers regularly and without much effort. Customers only have to hold their smartphone briefly on the tool and are then forwarded contact-free via NFC to their personal Instagram profile and can follow immediately. This gives you a huge advantage in building a solid follower base.

Discover content based on their preferences and interests. Now it will also cover advertising content. This is the first significant expansion of advertising on Instagram beyond Stories and the main feed of users who follow and follow you back.

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most important social networks for marketing. Whether you're managing a large business account, a small business account, or using it to promote your own brand.

Incorporating Instagram into your marketing strategy is a must!

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