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How do my customers give more reviews?

shoptimizer in the checkout area for more customer reviews

Are you in a shop and very satisfied with the service? Do you have a relaxed shopping day and no time pressure? Why not leave a review and give the store the feedback it deserves?

Often the workers in the store do not dare to ask the customers if they want to give a Google rating. The argument here is usually that this would be too intrusive. It's actually quite normal and if you put yourself in the situation, it's not bad at all as a customer to give a rating.

With the shoptimizer, it doesn't take longer than a minute anyway, and if you're really satisfied as a customer, then you're more than happy to spend that minute to help other future visitors as well.

The shoptimizer is the perfect tool for this because it is already eye-catching and encourages customers to rate it. Very often the interest in the evaluation comes from the customers themselves, as they are overwhelmed by the look and function of the shoptimizer. This alone already achieves a lot more ratings.

But if you want to get to the top of the ratings, you have to animate the customers even more in order to really get a rating from every visitor in the shop.

It is therefore important to have the courage to address the customers about the shoptimizer and the Google reviews if they do not do it of their own accord. It is quite natural to ask for a rating, and most of them are very happy to do so.

shoptimizer in the checkout area for more reviews in retail

If you are still unsure when asking questions, you should give a small reward for each rating. Many shops place a small bowl with goodies or sweets next to the shoptimizer. This means that the rating given is rewarded immediately and customers become even more aware of the campaign. Many good examples come from hotels or the hospitality industry. Small things like a schnapps or a tea are often handed out here to further boost the ratings. Restaurateurs bring the shoptimizer to the table and, together with the bill, get the feedback they are entitled to, which will help them to achieve long-term success.

So there are many ways to get more reviews with the shoptimizer. Ongoing regular evaluations can be obtained simply and easily. This is good for the shops, but also for the customers because they in turn help others who visit the shop in the future. This results in a sustainable cycle and a win-win situation for everyone! #shoptimal

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