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Do you know why we all benefit from Google reviews?

shoptimizer google reviews

Do you know why we all benefit from Google reviews?

Every company wants good ratings on the Internet and not without reason. Positive Google reviews have a major impact on a company's digital presence.

But do customers and guests actually benefit from many online reviews?

The answer is YES. Because who doesn't know it? You are in a new city or area where you are unfamiliar and want to find the best restaurant or shop, but unfortunately you have no information and are overwhelmed with choices. The only point of reference here are the opinions of other visitors who have already had their experiences. Not only the overall stars are relevant. Individual opinions also count, which you can read through carefully in order to be able to get an idea in advance.

Many people regularly give reviews in retail, in hotels, in restaurants, but also with personal service providers such as my hairdresser. Why?

Because you want to make it easier for future visitors to make the right choice. It also supports companies, because they can use the feedback directly to improve their performance and optimize processes.

Many regular reviews make it easier for new customers to find companies by ranking higher in a Google search. This means that when you search Google, companies that have a lot of reviews will be listed higher, and this offers a significant advantage over other companies. In addition, regular reviews also have a positive effect on SEO activity. This means that the search engine optimization is also influenced by ratings and thus the findability of the company website is improved. This increases traffic on the website and increases online sales as well as the number of offline visitors in the stationary branch.

Since Google ratings are becoming more and more important, we at Dauntles GmbH have developed the shoptimizer product line, a tool that can be used to submit ratings in a matter of seconds. Other exciting products are also planned that offer significant added value for both customers and entrepreneurs.

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