Case Studies

Immerse yourself in the world of satisfied customers who have taken their digital presence to a new level with our products! Over 400 enthusiastic customers have been able to significantly improve their online presence through us and thus also increase their sales. But it's best to hear for yourself what our customers and studies say about us:


With shoptimizer, the Salzburg start-up Dauntles has developed a new way of quickly and easily connecting customers digitally with companies. An attractively designed tool with NFC technology is used to forward customers to the desired company channel with just one touch. The shoptimizer products are delivered ready to use and offer an evaluation of the use in the form of easy-to-understand graphs, which enables companies to make comparisons between different branches or to better define target groups without wastage.

Julia Gehmacher, Junior Manager at the Gehmacher family business, reports that the company has been using the shoptimizer technology in its own stores for about a year. Above all, the uncomplicated networking, which picks up customers directly at the point of sale, has convinced them. With the help of shoptimizer, the company was able to collect many Google reviews and achieve a better ranking in Google search, which leads to an increase in traffic to the website.

The tool is used in the hospitality sector not only for social media, but above all for Google ratings. In the café it is brought to the table together with the bill to arouse the curiosity of the guests. Technology has helped increase the number of customer feedbacks in the form of ratings. Customers from Munich or further afield could also be retained because they are always informed about the latest products, even if they are not directly in the shop.

The cooperation between shoptimizer and Gehmacher has proven to be successful and is particularly suitable for retail, gastronomy and personal service providers. The world-class service and ease of use make the technology a valuable tool for companies that want to collect customer feedback and reach their customers in an easier way.


123 Gold has successfully deployed our breakthrough shoptimizer technology in several of their stores and the results speak for themselves. The graph shows a drastic increase in the number of Google reviews since implementing our tool. In fact, the number of new reviews increased by a factor of 11.5 over the period from August 2021 to June 2022. We congratulate our client on this impressive achievement and wish them continued success on their journey to digital dominance.


The Meet2Eat restaurant in Salzburg has been using the shoptimizer since 2021 to generate more Google reviews - with great success. In the period from July 2021 to May 2022, the restaurant received an average of 1.9x more reviews per month than before. Guests seem excited about the opportunity to share their experiences, and the owner is pleased with the positive response to the marketing tool. With the shoptimizer, the Meet2Eat restaurant has the opportunity to improve its online ranking and reputation and thus expand its customer base.

Theater Hotel & Suites Vienna

With the use of the shoptimizer, a hotel in Vienna started a targeted strategy to increase its Google ratings in May. In the following month, the hotel was able to record unprecedented success. The manager of the hotel is enthusiastic about the possibility of keeping an eye on the development of the ratings through regular evaluations. With the shoptimizer, the hotel not only increased the satisfaction of its guests, but also gained valuable insight into the perception of its operations.