What marketing functions does the business model include?

With our business model, users of the shoptimizer can be recognized by an integrated tracking code. The further use of the tracking code for marketing purposes thus creates an audience perfectly tailored to your company, to which advertising can be placed. So customers with a positive buying experience can be easily reached in a playful way. In addition, a similar audience (lookalike audience) can also be gained from this audience (custom audience). A specific target group is thus created, which is not possible with this level of accuracy with the conventional target group formulation in Google or Facebook Ads. You reach interested customers who have already interacted with your company or have similar characteristics to them.

Tracking codes can easily be edited independently at any time in an app. This means that you can also insert your own tracking codes for certain actions, for example. It is 100% GDPR compliant and users and businesses are excited about this marketing revolution.

In addition, with our evaluations and the associated app, managers have the opportunity to compare the branches easily and with one click at any time. This allows optimization measures to be taken and stores and employees to be monitored. Good and not so good branches are identified and comparisons are made with the previous month/week. With specially developed key figures, managers can see at a glance which branches still need support and which are the "best-practice" examples that should be further expanded. You can also see which countries the users come from. This provides further data for the optimization of the offer.