shoptimizer rate&win-me Variante hell für mehr interne Bewertungen mit Gewinnanreiz
shoptimizer rate&win-me Variante dunkel für mehr interne Bewertungen mit Gewinnanreiz
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  • More feedback through internal ratings

  • Sweepstakes as an incentive

  • Recognize the need for optimization more quickly

Every company wants good feedback. Unfortunately, customers rarely give feedback. rate&win-me solves this problem. Thanks to a direct link to your company's internal review page, this effort can be completely relieved from the customer. Touching the shoptimizer with a smartphone is enough to give the customer the opportunity to leave you feedback in less than a second. As an incentive, the customer can win a discount or voucher.

By using the rate&win-me you can continuously improve your service and location.

variants: Bright